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CAD Bureau Services from The Magnum Group (TMG)

The Magnum Group provides some of Asia's best CAD bureau services. Here is a description of what they are.

Engineering Drafting

Our Edge

Our CAD bureau services in this regard are outstanding because we employ several experienced engineers. And how do you benefit from this? The advantage is that we can solve problems that non-engineers cannot solve, and your work is not held up by us asking you questions.

An example: Recently a client FedExed us a threaded part and asked us to create an assembly drawing of it. There was no information about the thread standard. But being engineers, we knew what a thread gauge was, and used it to correctly identify the thread and quote the thread standard in the drawing. This saved turnaround time and saved the client the bother of looking up the thread specifications.

Another advantage of our being engineers is that we often make useful suggestions for improving designs (several such suggestions have been enthusiastically adopted by clients).

What types of engineering drafting do we do?

We have a European client who gives us complex projects which are challenging and therefore very interesting. They ask us to build 3D models of HVAC machinery rooms, and then generate annotated 2D drawings for their installation workforce to use.

All we have to go on is the architectural plan, a schematic diagram of the HVAC circuit and data sheets of the equipment (air handling units, fans, silencers). We have to calculate duct cross-sections and route all ducts and pipes from their source to their destination without any one of them colliding with the other.

If it sounds simple, it isn't: it takes ten months to finish one design.

We recently completed ten machinery rooms for a mammoth cruise liner with 3,000 cabins.

We use the latest 3D design software to perform this task: Bentley MicroStation with the PlantSpace plugin.

The same client asks us to create similar plans for very large land-based projects, like massive public hospitals.

Learn more about our HVAC design and drafting

Some clients FedEx us physical parts and ask us to create 2D or 3D engineering drawings of them. The requested output format is usually AutoCAD .

Other clients send us 2D views of their component or product, and then ask us to create photorealistic 3D models of them.

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Architectural Drafting

Our Edge Again

As in the case of engineering, we have the advantage of a skilled professional on board, this time an experienced architect. This has proved invaluable in the interpretation and execution of the complex architectural tasks we regularly provide as part of our CAD bureau services

What types of architectural drafting do we do?

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Image Modification

Background Removal

Learn more about removing background from photographs

Publication Editing

Technical Literature Creation

Learn more about our technical literature creation


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