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2D Shop Drawings

2D Shop Drawing Samples

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2D Shop Drawings: Domain Experience

In all probability, TMG already has 2D shop drawing experience in your domain. Our work to date has covered several industries, including but not limited to:


TMG has created shop drawings for objects made in a variety of materials including metal, wood, stone and plastic.

Typical 2D Shop Drawing Characteristics

A typical shop drawing done by TMG depicts several views of the part, each from a different angle, and each annotated with critical dimensions, along with information on surface finishes, tolerances and material specifications.

In the event the shop drawing relates to an assembly (like a folding table), the shop drawing will include an assembly drawing.

TMG usually creates the part in 3D since this results in greater accuracy in the 2D shop drawings described above.

TMG's Procedure for Developing 2D Shop Drawings

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