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Facts on the Popularity of Online Video

ComScore Inc., the highly respected, long-standing online provider of analytics for web properties, mobile and TV consumer behavior, reported that around 189 million US viewers watched 49.1 billion online videos in October 2013, up from 183 million watching more than 37 billion videos during the same period one year ago.

The report also stated that during October 2013, 87.1 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video; that the duration of the average online content video was 5.1 minutes, while the average online video advertisement was 24 seconds.

Forrester Research Inc., the famous global research and advisory firm, said in an April 2013 report that around 70% of adult web users they surveyed stated they had watched some form of online during the previous month.

Effective, Compelling Applications of Computer Animated Videos

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