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Solar Power Consulting Available for Less

TMG’s solar power consulting team has designed MORE THAN FOUR THOUSAND solar installations, with individual designs incorporating a few dozen modules to hundreds of modules. Being in India, our rates can be up to 40% less than what you are currently paying.

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Sample Pages From a Typical Design Output

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solar power consultant cover sheet

Sample Cover Sheet

solar power consultant PV Layout sheet

Sample PV Layout sheet

solar power consultant Electrical Sheet

Sample Electrical Sheet

solar designer who costs less
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The Solar Power Consulting Team at TMG

Team Overview:

TMG has a large team dedicated to solar power system design and produces several hundred designs a month. Almost all these designs are turned around overnight.

Team Composition

The team comprises managers, project leaders and drafters. The project leaders and drafters work only on solar power system design projects full-time. Our managers have each supervised thousands of designs during their tenure at TMG.


Above:  Solar Power Consulting Team Structure


Team Skills

TMG’s solar power consulting team is well-versed in the nuances of solar power system design, such as

Consequently your technical personnel will not have to spend time training us and can look forward to comprehensive designs from the inception of the contractual arrangement with us.

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Quality Assurance

Like any conscientious company practicing solar power system design, TMG constantly tries to achieve a zero defect rate in its output. Over the course of more than four thousand projects, we have evolved an effective quality assurance system that has reduced defects to near-zero levels. The system comprises the following methods:

TMG's Solar Power System Design Procedure

TMG’s solar power consulting team has over the long-term evolved an efficient and streamlined procedure for developing designs.

Step One: Obtain Inputs

In this step, TMG requests the following from you:


Video: More Detail on Obtaining Inputs

Step Two: Position Arrays

TMG's team positions the solar PV arrays using the following methods:


Video: More Detail on Positioning Arrays

Step Three: Design Electricals

TMG's solar power consulting team designs all interconnections and specifies electrical hardware using the following methods:


Video: More Detail on Designing Electricals

Step Four: Package the Design

TMG processes the design information thus created as follows:

convert-design-to-pdf, zip and email

We hope the above information has convinced you we are expert solar power system engineers. That said, our expertise is available to you at unbelievably low rates. We invite you to have a risk-free taste of our skills by emailing us below and requesting a free trial.

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