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Database-Related Posts from Our Blog

When Data Analytics Goes Wrong

We read an interesting article on the Internet recently which succinctly describes how data analytics can easily lead to wrong conclusions. The illustration was simple and eye-opening: A man with only two hours’ sleep the previous night rear-ends a car

   posted March 31st, 2014   Read more

Big Data: Learn and Smile from This Infographic

Our regular study of Big Data unearthed this entertaining infographic that encapsulates the state of the discipline. View it, be entertained and informed! (click on it if you need to enlarge) Via: Wikibon Big Data     Technorati Tags: big

   posted February 13th, 2014   Read more

Sun Setting on The Term “Big Data”??

Yes, the term may soon go the way of “fantabulous”, “far out”  and other conversational fossils. Big Data, ie voluminous, non-homogenous data, will soon be the norm, and therefore soon cease to be differentiated from “data” . Here is a

   posted February 6th, 2014   Read more

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Rewriting PyMongo's BSON Decoder: An Enlightening Failure

This year I plan to rewrite PyMongo's BSON decoder. The decoder is written in C, and it's pretty fast, but I had a radical idea for how to make it faster....   posted April 24th, 2014   Read more

Manage Large Datasets with Python and HDF5

Are you using Python to process large numerical datasets? Over the past few years, the Hierarchical Data Format (HDF5) has emerged as the mechanism of choice for processing, archiving and sharing scientific datasets ranging from gigabytes to terabytes and beyond. With a diverse user base spanning the range from NASA to the financial industry, HDF5 […]   posted April 22nd, 2014   Read more

Keeping history of table changes with mysql

  Frequently, database developers get used to creating tables that have the same capabilities. That is how I started to think about what kind of columns I would include in a table template. What columsn might be useful for tables that could help an application track changes to data. There are some basic columns I […]   posted December 22nd, 2013   Read more

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