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Database-Related Posts from Our Blog

Business Intelligence 2014: A Data Odyssey

The phrase “Business Intelligence” (BI) is biting at everyone’s ankles, and doing it with increasing intensity. Darn, it’s getting hard to ignore! There is going to be a large body of people coming into BI’s user domain in 2014, so

   posted April 24th, 2014   Read more

When Data Analytics Goes Wrong

We read an interesting article on the Internet recently which succinctly describes how data analytics can easily lead to wrong conclusions. The illustration was simple and eye-opening: A man with only two hours’ sleep the previous night rear-ends a car

   posted March 31st, 2014   Read more

Big Data: Learn and Smile from This Infographic

Our regular study of Big Data unearthed this entertaining infographic that encapsulates the state of the discipline. View it, be entertained and informed! (click on it if you need to enlarge) Via: Wikibon Big Data     Technorati Tags: big

   posted February 13th, 2014   Read more

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Neo4j 2.1.2: Finding Where I Am in a Linked List

I was recently asked how to calculate the position of a node in a linked list and realized that as the list increases in size, this is one of the occasions...   posted July 29th, 2014   Read more

Introduction to Lucene Searches in Cloudant using MyCouch

Learn how you can use Cloudant’s Lucene searches in MyCouch. MyCouch is an asynchronous CouchDB and Cloudant client for .NET. It builds on top of the asynchronous HTTP client and uses JSON.Net to provide flexible serialization behavior. Video producer:   posted July 28th, 2014   Read more

c#, encrypt and decrypt

In the last post I worried about having an online database of email addresses.  Is there a way to encrypt such data while stored in the database?  Of course there is if you have an enterprise version of sql server and you have full control over the database instance. I mention this because in the […]   posted July 24th, 2014   Read more

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