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Database-Related Posts from Our Blog

Big Data Success Story: Airbnb, the Rentals Listing Site

The airbnb website puts together travellers with people who have space to rent. The spaces, according to airbnb, can be anything from “futons on the floor to castles on the hilltop.” Airbnb noticed over time that some space listings attracted

   posted February 20th, 2015   Read more

Big Data Analysis Identifies Entrepreneurs

A venture capital company identifies entrepreneurs and offers them funding even before the entrepreneurs know they are entrepreneurs! Imagine you are sitting on your front porch when a dump truck rolls up. It backs into your driveway and dumps a

   posted February 2nd, 2015   Read more

Big Data Success Story: Domino’s Pizza

Some years back, Domino’s decided to get feedback from their customers, then mine that data to improve revenues. They put a survey on their website asking customers to rate their purchase. They also collected social media postings about them. The

   posted January 3rd, 2015   Read more

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Why is MongoDB a Good NoSQL Implementation?

MongoDB is one of the most popular open source NoSQL database available. It avoid the traditional table-based relational SQL database structure to favor of JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas, In this article, Jenny Richards explains why MongoDB is a good NoSQL implementation. Author: Jenny Richards, Remote DBA Support What is MongoDB? MongoDB is a popular […]   posted July 20th, 2015   Read more

25 Terms to know for the CASP exam

The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification is a step above the CompTIA Security Plus exam. So,  I reviewed some notes on this subject and I found a lot of new terms that I needed to know. Here are 25 new terms to help you pass the CASP exam. I hope these study notes help anyone […]   posted September 4th, 2014   Read more

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