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Database-Related Posts from Our Blog

Big Data Success Story: At SXSW (South by Southwest Music Festival)

As music festivals go, this one is a juggernaut. Crowds roll onto the entry gates in towering waves, presenting ticket booths with a challenging task. At the most recent instance, ticketing began to take too long. People in the queues

   posted November 26th, 2014   Read more

Big Data Success Story: Olympic Women’s Cycling Team

Doping has been a major problem in sports for quite a while. Now big data enables athletes to enhance their performance without drugs and without ruining their health. Oh yes, and without being banned for life from their sport! The

   posted November 25th, 2014   Read more

Top Six Worst Practices in Business Intelligence

There’s a very nice report published by TDWI mentioning these practices. Their identity is in the table of contents, which is: 1 Introduction2 Worst Practice 1: Buying What Analysts Want Without Considering Other Users4 Worst Practice 2: Buying New Data

   posted September 12th, 2014   Read more

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MongoDB vs SQL: Day 14

Originally Written by Buzz MoschettiWelcome back to our blog series highlighting the differences between developing an app with MongoDB vs. with RDBMS/SQL....   posted December 19th, 2014   Read more

Enable Continuous Delivery with Database Practices

To get full benefits of Continuous Delivery, all aspects of the software development need to be delivered and at the same time be able to handle multiple versions. Pramod will focus on techniques to enable continuous delivery of changes to database without downtime. Techniques such as Database Refactoring, Database Migrations, Automated Deployment, Continuous Integration with […]   posted December 22nd, 2014   Read more

25 Terms to know for the CASP exam

The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification is a step above the CompTIA Security Plus exam. So,  I reviewed some notes on this subject and I found a lot of new terms that I needed to know. Here are 25 new terms to help you pass the CASP exam. I hope these study notes help anyone […]   posted September 4th, 2014   Read more

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