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The Buried Treasure: Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is the analysis of your existing records to find trends, then suggesting performance improvements based on those trends.

In all probability you have computerized records of your operations: sales records, inventory records, purchase records and so on. We will study those records and discover relationships between the quantities recorded (like relationships between sales and the time of year). We will then suggest optimal strategies for improving your company's performance based on those relationships (like recommending how pricing should vary during the year).

How We Interact with You to Produce Business Intelligence

Illustration of the Above Process


bonnie-watson-data-analyticsDemocrat Bonnie Watson of New Jersey was running for the US House of Representatives in November 2014. Her team was nervous about her garnering 50% of the vote; to better her chances, the team decided to use some serious Business Intelligence.

They hired analytics firms (like TMG) to survey voters in her area, who categorized the results into (1) Those who would definitely vote for her (2) Those who may not vote at all and (3) Those who would vote but were not sure for whom. That done, the further course of action was obvious: she had to influence category (3), which she did with a blitzkrieg of direct mail and focused TV ads.

The result: she bagged 61% of the vote and romped home!

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