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Fire Protection Drafting

Fire protection drafting is a necessary part of fire protection engineering and should be performed by drafters with knowledge of the subject.

TMG has drafted several fire protection systems for expert fire protection engineers, and is familiar with the format in which these drawings must be prepared for presentation to the Chief Fire Prevention Officer.  Correct presentation will ensure approval of the plans, without which a building permit will not be issued.

TMG's fire protection drafting team is familiar with all typical elements of  fire detection and alarm systems, such as pull stations, smoke detectors, strobe lights, horns, speakers, break glass stations, manual alarm buttons, heat detectors, smoke detectors, flame detectors and gas detectors.

TMG is also familiar with fire suppression components such as sprinklers, piping, nozzles and various extinguishing agents.

Fire Protection Drafting Sample

Please click on the sample below for a larger version. The names and addresses in the drawing have been changed to protect the privacy of our client.


Required Inputs

In order for TMG to perform fire protection drafting, clients are required to give us the following documents:


The drawings are normally delivered to a mutually agreed schedule. A drawing a such as the one above would take one day.

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