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3D Printed Plaster Cast to Replace Older, Itchier Casts

Though plaster casts have long been an important tool for orthopaedic healing for centuries, they are not free of foibles. Sweat, dirt and restricted ventilation are known to cause not just discomfort but also infections. A 21st century 3D printed

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3D Printed Robots Walk Their Way to Success

Pushing the envelope a little further, a group of researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab has developed an ingenious method to 3D fully functional robots. The robots, which are made from both solids and liquids, require just

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3D Printed Electronic Egg to Spy on Vulture Nests

The International Centre for Birds of Prey (ICBP) recently expanded the scope of 3D printing technology to include the animal kingdom in the list of the beneficiaries. Using micro-controllers along with 3D printing, ICBP is trying to learn about an

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