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Responsive Website Design Service

responsive website design service


The Large Base of the Various Screens

Visitors currently use:

  • Smartphones with 3", 3.5", 4", 4.8" and 5.3" screens
  • Tablets with 7", 9" and 10" screens
  • Monitors with screens from 11" to 22"

The following chart from renowned market intelligence company International Data Corporation (IDC),  shows the remarkable increase in smartphone and tablet shipments in the recent past:

the need for a responsive website design service

For Programmers: How to Build a Responsive Website

Responsive Websites: Google's Solution

When an increasing number of mobile devices started accessing the Internet, a Google study determined that 48% of users say they felt frustrated and annoyed when they got to a site that was not mobile-friendly (in our opinion that would be because of the pinching and zooming required to make a desktop website legible on a mobile device).

Google's recommended solution is that you have a responsive website, i.e. one that adapts to the size of the screen it is being viewed on.

See Google's responsive website recommendation here.

Examples of Responsive Websites

The best example is this page! View it on your smartphone, tablet or desktop: the page configures itself automatically to be compatible.

Another fine example is the Wikipedia page on responsive website design (or, for that matter, any other page on Wikipedia).

To see a large collection of attractive, professionally-designed responsive websites, visit .

Solution: Our Responsive Website Design Service

We are experts in website design, and our responsive website design rates are less than a quarter of what you would pay a web designer in the Western hemisphere.

We can convert your existing, non-responsive website to a responsive one in a surprisingly short time because of our large workforce and the advanced design methods we use.

To explore our responsive website design service, please fill in your email address below and send us a message with details of your present or proposed website. We will respond quickly with a no-obligation quote. Do it now!

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