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Oracle Database Tuning Service

Why Make TMG Your Oracle Database Tuner?

  • Our Oracle database tuners have thousands of hours of experience
  • Our rates are typically 60% less than onshore firms'
  • Message us below for a free preliminary consultation.

What are the shortcomings of your present Oracle tuning solution?

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Our Tuning Strategy

There are myriad approaches for tuning Oracle databases. If one is not aware of the  specific applicability of each of them, it can be mind-numbing to select those with the maximum potential for eliminating your system's bottlenecks.

Based on our years of experience, we use a combination of three  strategies based on Oracle AWR reports :

How We Use Ratio analysis

We primarily look at ratios in the instance Efficiency section of AWR Reports. Sample ratios we look at are:

How We Use Wait Analysis

We analyze wait events listed in the Top Five Timed Events and Wait Events sections of AWR. Some of the wait statistics we look at are:

We also look at some of the common wait events in an AWR Wait Events section, such as:

How we use Workload Analysis

Workload Analysis comprises Workload analysis an investigation of two critical areas of a database's performance:

Analyzing statistics in the Load Profile section of the AWR provides insights to the load and type of activity being performed. Examples of indicators of problems are:


We use a combination of ratio, wait and workload analysis to obtain consistent, excellent results when commissioned to tune Oracle databases.

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(please mention them in the form below, we will get back to you on whether we have a better solution)

Some of Our Clients

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