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Drafting services can save a firm considerable amounts of money, whether the services are for architectural drafting or engineering drafting.

Firstly, by getting your drafting done by a drafting service, you are saved the capital expenditure you would otherwise have to make in drafting tables, drafting chairs, drafting software, and other drafting furniture. Add to that health and disability insurance for drafters, vacation pay, janitorial services, rent, electricity charges, computers and non-computer furniture, and it is easy to see why outsourcing to a drafting service is an idea that warrants serious thought.

Good drafting services usually employ mechanical drafters and architectural drafters to produce architectural drawings and engineering drawings for their clients. But regardless of the nature of the drafting and design that CAD services are asked to perform, the resulting CAD drawings have to accurate, delivered on time and inexpensive for them to save their clients cost.

TMG has been providing drafting services to clients in several continents. It is up to speed on the business culture of today’s fast-paced design community and is ready to deliver precise CAD drawings on precise delivery dates.

Message TMG below to find how outsourcing your CAD drafting to us will save you money in many different ways.

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