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Virtual Visualization Simulations Now Available to Architects at Low Rates

Lower fees from Indian professionals make a hitherto expensive marketing tool affordable to smaller firms

Beautiful, detailed, photorealistic computer-generated (CAD) images of buildings in their actual surroundings are now inexpensively available from The Magnum Group, India. The Group leverages the lower salary structure, availability of highly trained technical manpower and time-honored artistic skill of India to put these images within the reach of medium and small architectural firms.

Now these firms can compete head-on with larger firms in the architectural marketplace. Hitherto only large firms could afford detailed CAD visualizations with their high prices, which they happily paid because the money spent was well worth it. The reason is that prospective customers are always profoundly impacted when they can view their project before it actually exists; they tend to ascribe near-magical powers to the architects who make the miraculous viewing possible. “Miracle-working” architects have a significantly higher chance of being awarded important design commissions than those with only normal professional abilities.

Because of the low price of visualization images from The Magnum Group, all architects can now be miracle-workers.

View a sample image at (allow 20 seconds for the image to load with a dial-up connection, five seconds for broadband).

The Group’s superior image quality comes from its policy of performing detailed design. It painstakingly models even the smallest component, such as the latch on a gate, in 3D, shunning the quick-and-dirty 2D methods used by the majority of CAD visualizers.

Virtual Visualization Simulations Now Available to Architects at Low Rates

The Magnum Group, based at Chennai, India, was started in 1986, and is run by Lakshman Balaraman, MS (University of Michigan), B Tech (IIT), AIA, IEEE, and R Natarajan, B Arch, Fellow of the Indian Institute of Architects. It employs 20 people comprising engineers, architects, technicians, draftsmen and administrative staff. It provides CAD design services for some of the world’s largest projects, more on which can be found at


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