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FAQ Common to All TMG Services

FAQ on CAD Services

FAQ on Database Services

FAQ on Website Design Services

FAQ Common to All TMG Services

Q: When do we pay you?

A:  There are three payment stages: at the beginning, in the middle and at the end. The size of each payment depends on the size of your organization. We use proprietary guidelines to decide the exact amounts.

Q: How do we pay you?

A:  You pay us by credit card for payments less than $500 and by bank transfer or direct deposit for larger amounts.

Q: Do you handle our credit card information?

A:  No, your credit information does not even reach us. It stays with our reputed payment gateway, 2Checkout.com.

FAQ on CAD Services

Q: Which CAD formats do you work with?

A: DWG, DXF, DGN, PDF, STL, JPG, PNG and PDF formats.

Q: What if my assignment involves less than a sheet?

A:  In that case we will quote you on a per-hour basis (Please email us below if you need help)

Q: What if my assignment involves some design?

A:  In this case we have to exchange information with you. Please email us below with a brief description of the design work.

Q: When is the per-hour rate used?

A: When the drafting you ask for is far less than what a sheet takes or you want modifications in the sheet.

Q: How do we send and receive files?


Q: What kind of quality control do you have in place?

A: A very carefully planned one. The aim of our Quality Assurance ("QA") effort is two-fold:

We implement Product QA with sequential levels of inspection and correction at sampling levels 100%, 30% and 10%;

We implement Performance QA by increasing the accuracy and speed of the individual draftsman. This is done by quantifying skill and speed levels, then offering incentives to improve these levels.

To quantify skill level, we employ detailed performance metrics. Accuracy and speed are measured over a predefined array of drafting actions. These are compared with previous measurements and improvement or deterioration quantified. Incentives are then applied.

Q: How long do you take to deliver?

A: If you are a regular customer, which means you send us a steady stream of assignments, we assign a permanent drafting team to your business. The team is large enough so that your assignment is always started immediately, worked on non-stop and delivered quickly.

If you are not a regular customer, we check our production schedule to see when the required number of draftsmen and days are available. Based on that we quote you start and delivery dates.

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FAQ on Database Services

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FAQ on Website Design Services

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