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India Exceeds 1GW of Rooftop Solar

India has actually gotten to 1,020 MW of solar rooftop implementations, having included 513MW over the last One Year, according to consultancy company Bridge to India. Development over the last year was at 113% as well as a comparable trajectory

Pondering Why US Solar Installers are in the Red

It is obvious that the stock of US residential solar companies has been on the decline, with shares falling steadily over the past few years. Last week, SolarCity plumetted nearly 66% from their 52-week peak of US$ 58.87. SunPower, which

Rooftop Solar Power Cost Reduction Not From Module Costs

It’s fairly well-known that US rooftop solar costs have been going down rapidly year on year. Up to a certain point, this phenomenon was largely due to continual reduction in the price of solar panel modules. But that is not

Graph of Falling Solar PV Panel Prices

Sure, we’ve all heard about how prices of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are falling, but how about getting a little quantitative about the statement? Here we go: Heck, by the end of 2015 the cost per watt is going to

Solar Power Can Dominate with Fossil Fuel’s $548 Billion Subsidy

Fossil fuel industries are subsidized yearly to the tune of $548 billion (2013 figure). If that were given to the solar and other clean energy industries, the world could enjoy a carbon-free future very easily. This is not idle conjecture…