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3D Printing Electronics Along with Plastic

STOP PRESS: Now microelectronics can be 3D printed along with the usual plastic. As you may be aware, microelectronics are made by a type of printing process, more specifically by etching areas defined by a photograph created on the surface

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review: Kevin Spacey Attempts A Resurrection

This from “Players are outfitted with exoskeletons that allow them to do superhuman things, like leap 20 feet in the air, rip a car door off its hinges and use it as a shield, or slow down time. “

Royalty Free Music for Animation

We’re always needing to get hold of background music tracks for client videos at minimal cost. Our eyes really popped and went into orbit when we discovered that YouTube now offers the world a library of 150 royalty-free audio tracks at