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3D Printed Device Detects Anaemia in Seconds

Adding to 3D printing’s growing list of impressive feats, researchers at Kansas State University recently developed a 3D printed device that can detect anaemia within seconds. The low-cost diagnostic device works when paired with a smartphone app and is beneficial

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3D Printed Vertebrae A First in Surgery

A surgery involving a 3D printed organ recently created history, once again reminding us of how 3D printing technology is already affecting our lives in significant ways. An Australian neurosurgeon performed the first surgery of its kind by replacing a

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A 3D Printed Car on Its Way to Revolutionize the Auto Industry

The car of the future looks like it’s arrived. Local Motors, an Arizona-based car maker is planning to debut its new LM3D this year, making it the first 3D printed car to hit the roads, available for about $53,000. 3D

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3D Printing Now Finds its Way to Spare Parts at Sea

3D printing is progressively finding its way into all kinds of technical applications. Spare parts for ships will soon be printed onboard to safeguard against minor breakages and issues, solving the long-standing problem of not being able to find replacements

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3D Printed Drugs to Personalize Medicine

What once seemed like a dream is now a reality fast approaching the field of medicine. The prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently developed a computer-aided 3D printing technology that is now introducing us to hitherto unexplored possibilities in

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