Rooftop Solar Power Cost Reduction Not From Module Costs

It’s fairly well-known that US rooftop solar costs have been going down rapidly year on year. Up to a certain point, this phenomenon was largely due to continual reduction in the price of solar panel modules. But that is not the case today… the major cause for the downward trend in rooftop solar costs is the fall in installation costs, financing, etc.

To understand this graphically, look at this chart from  GTM Research :


If you are a solar power contractor, there is yet another place where you can cut costs: engineering design. To find out how you can get system design and engineering done by us at a fraction of what it costs you now, including getting a free sample, go to our solar power design services page.

We look forward to designing your solar power systems!



Lucky Balaraman

Executive Director, The Magnum Group

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