Graph of Falling Solar PV Panel Prices

Sure, we’ve all heard about how prices of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are falling, but how about getting a little quantitative about the statement?

Here we go:


Heck, by the end of 2015 the cost per watt is going to be so small that it will not be visible… unless we increase the scale of the graph, in which case it could take half the page you are looking at.

The Chinese are world leaders in solar panel manufacture. They foresaw the huge demand for solar energy while the West only thought of it as fanciful science fiction. Indications of their progress are described by Intel co-founder Andy Grove in his famous Bloomberg article about how to create more US jobs,

A Silicon Valley company sells equipment used to manufacture photo-active films. They ship close to 10 times more machines to China than to manufacturers in the U.S., and this gap is growing

The Chinese will likely keep beating the crap out of prices until manufacturers in other parts of the world have simply to shut shop and think of other businesses, similar to what the Middle East is doing to shale oil producers in the US.

The bright side is lower solar power installation costs, cheaper solar power and less pollution.

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The cheaper the panels get, the healthier for us all!


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