Solar Power Can Dominate with Fossil Fuel’s $548 Billion Subsidy


Fossil fuel industries are subsidized yearly to the tune of $548 billion (2013 figure). If that were given to the solar and other clean energy industries, the world could enjoy a carbon-free future very easily. This is not idle conjecture… it’s the result of a study by MIT.

So why isn’t it happening? (3 guesses… )

Fossil fuel industries are ensconced in the living room of energy generation like colossi. Governments support them and they support governments. Several national economies are dependent on fossil fuel exports to stay healthy. Political careers can be destroyed by meddling with existing fossil fuel policies. Numbered Swiss bank accounts can turn dormant.

Fossil fuel reserves are limited (although most people are in denial about the fact) and at one time will become very scarce and expensive. Economic imperatives will force the world to look for cheaper sources of energy, and solar power will be the obvious choice. But you, I and our grandchildren will not be around to see that happen.

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May the sun make us all stronger!


Lucky Balaraman

Executive Director, The Magnum Group

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