Top Six Worst Practices in Business Intelligence

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There’s a very nice report published by TDWI mentioning these practices. Their identity is in the table of contents, which is:

1 Introduction
2 Worst Practice 1: Buying What Analysts Want Without Considering Other Users
4 Worst Practice 2: Buying New Data Discovery Tools Without Changing the Excel Mindset
6 Worst Practice 3: Making a BI Purchasing Decision Based on One Hot Feature
8 Worst Practice 4: Lack of a Concrete Data Quality Strategy
10 Worst Practice 5: Not Considering Mobile Users in Your BI Strategy
12 Worst Practice 6: Ignoring New Data, New Sources, and New Compliance Requirements
14 Conclusion

To get this jargon-free, 17-page report, go here.

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Lucky Balaraman

Executive Director, The Magnum Group

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