Big Data: Sensors in Planes and Cars Improve Your Life

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Sensors in Cars

From Smart Data Collective:

General Motors uses Onstar, which is a subsidiary of General Motors. Onstar Corporation provides subscription-based in-vehicle security, communication and remote diagnostics. These real-time diagnostics can check the health of the most important systems within cars, even while driving. This data is send back to the carmakers, which uses the data also to improve their cars. There are a lot more advantages of telematics and for those interested there is an interesting report about it here.

Sensors in Planes:

Also from Smart Data Collective:

Sensors embedded in GE’s power turbines, jet engines and hospital scanners will collect the data – it’s estimated that one typical gas turbine will generate 500Gb of data every day. And if that data can be used to improve efficiency by just 1% across five of their key sectors that they sell to, those sectors stand to make combined savings of $300 billion.

In aviation, GE is aiming to improve fuel economy, maintenance costs, reduction in delays and cancellations and optimise flight scheduling – while also improving safety.

Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways was the first to deploy GE’s Taleris Intelligent Operations technology, developed in partnership with Accenture.

Huge amounts of data are recorded from every aircraft and every aspect of ground operations, which is reported in real-time and targeted specifically to recovering from disruption, and returning to regular schedule.

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