Royalty Free Music for Animation


We’re always needing to get hold of background music tracks for client videos at minimal cost. Our eyes really popped and went into orbit when we discovered that YouTube now offers the world a library of 150 royalty-free audio tracks at no cost. The greatest thing is, contrary to what one may expect, these tracks can be used for any videos, not necessarily ones you make for YouTube!!

A valuable included feature is that you can search the collection based on multiple pre-defined tags such as mood, duration and genre. To see screenshots with detailed instructions, go to this page on the official YouTube Partners and Creators website.

Free, high-quality music for anyone to use as they please. Now why won’t people love Google?

Oh, and by the way, we can produce animated videos for you at around 85% less than what you could presently be paying. Want to learn more about this? Go to our animation services page and message us!



Lucky Balaraman

Executive Director, The Magnum Group

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