3D Printing of a 5-Storey House

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Here’s the house:


3D printed 5 storey apartment building by WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co, Shanghai, China (WinSun Co.)

It was made by WinSun WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co, Shanghai, China using their massive (perhaps the largest in the world) 3D printer,  20 feet tall, 33 feet wide, and 132 feet long. One of the other great things about the building is that it was printed using recycled building materials!

Here’s a video of the process:

As engineers, we at TMG feel that building a printer of this size to print with a liquid cement-type material is not all that complicated, one reason being that the resolution of the printer need not be microscopic, another being that precision heating of the feed will likely not be necessary. But credit does go to Winsun for thinking of the idea first!

Big Data Success Story: Domino’s Pizza

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Some years back, Domino’s decided to get feedback from their customers, then mine that data to improve revenues.

They put a survey on their website asking customers to rate their purchase. They also collected social media postings about them. The result: people were significantly disgruntled with their pizza, especially the crust and the sauce.

They then looked at the same data from a different angle: what should they do to win back customers? They used the results to modify their process and woohoo, sales went up by 9%!

A similar study of your data may lead to strategies that improve your performance, too. Interested to know if there is potential for this? Message us here for a discussion, maybe there’s gold in them thar data!

3D Printing in Space Has Arrived

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Commander Barry Wilmore in the International Space Station with the 3D-printed wrench

Earlier in this blog we had mentioned how preparations were being made to enable 3D printing in space. 3D printing in space is now been there, done that. A small ratchet wrench has been successfully 3D printed at the International Space Station (ISS) during its Expedition #42.

The wrench was designed on earth at Marshall Space Flight Center  , NASA approved the design, the design data file was uploaded to the ISS and the wrench printed on a 3D printer on the ISS in less than four hours. Total time, start to finish: less than a week.

This is without a doubt faster and cheaper than making the wrench on earth and sending it up to the ISS by space shuttle!

As mentioned in other posts, TMG creates the files 3D printers need to create their objects, so if you need to 3D print something, TMG is one of the places that will create your printer files. Message us here to email our engineers to discuss your requirement.

Have a great 2015!

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Big Data Success Story: Selling More Pop-Tarts

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Everyone loves pop-tarts, especially the strawberry kind. And Walmart decided to take this to the next level with a little help from Big Data.

As you may have heard, Walmart tirelessly collects data on each of its customers, then crunches it to arrive at individual and group preferences. This process recently unearthed the fact that when a hurricane is imminent, shoppers tended to stock up on Kellogg’s’ strawberry pop tarts, ostensibly to tide over being marooned during the hurricane (and perhaps to give them extra sugary energy to board up their windows and doors).

Based on this business intelligence, whenever a hurricane was forecast, Walmart store managers were instructed to order more of the pop tarts and place them near the entrance to their stores. So when the water flowed in, so did the money!!

3D Printing of Body Parts

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3D printing has a good future and a bad future. On the bad side, there are 3D printers which can print working guns (read our post on that); on the good side, there are 3D printers which have started printing body parts. This post is about the good side (and it will be updated as the technology progresses).

Please note that in this post we are not talking about prosthesis that remain made out of metal or plastic after implantation: we are describing objects that morph into living tissue once they are in you.

3D printing used to rebuild British man’s face

17 March 2014


Hopefully people who have had their faces disfigured by accidents or surgery now have hope for near 100% restoration. How this accident victim’s face was reconstructed.

Californian Company Prints Liver Cells

30 December 2013

They haven’t printed a full liver (yet). At the rate at which things are going, it will happen (with FDA approval) in about 10 years. Read about it here.

Printing Ears and Noses in China

Aug 29, 2013

Researchers in China devise a 3D printer that prints from a container of cell material:

Printing body parts in China


Chinese Student Receives First 3D Printed Thoracic Vertebrae Implant

December 13, 2014


At the Zhejiang University School of Medicine in Hangzhou, China, Wang Lin, a 21-year-old university student, was implanted with two 3D-printed vertebrae generated from a 3D computer models. The model were designed to fit perfectly into her spine by making them fit into a 3D model of her spine based on CT scan data.


TMG cannot create the input files for a body part printer (yet!) but can certainly create the files needed for complex mechanical parts and other solid objects. Have a look at what we can do and message us from our page on modeling for 3D printers.

Have a great day,

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