Top Six Worst Practices in Business Intelligence

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There’s a very nice report published by TDWI mentioning these practices. Their identity is in the table of contents, which is:

1 Introduction
2 Worst Practice 1: Buying What Analysts Want Without Considering Other Users
4 Worst Practice 2: Buying New Data Discovery Tools Without Changing the Excel Mindset
6 Worst Practice 3: Making a BI Purchasing Decision Based on One Hot Feature
8 Worst Practice 4: Lack of a Concrete Data Quality Strategy
10 Worst Practice 5: Not Considering Mobile Users in Your BI Strategy
12 Worst Practice 6: Ignoring New Data, New Sources, and New Compliance Requirements
14 Conclusion

To get this jargon-free, 17-page report, go here.

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Big Data: Sensors in Planes and Cars Improve Your Life

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Sensors in Cars

From Smart Data Collective:

General Motors uses Onstar, which is a subsidiary of General Motors. Onstar Corporation provides subscription-based in-vehicle security, communication and remote diagnostics. These real-time diagnostics can check the health of the most important systems within cars, even while driving. This data is send back to the carmakers, which uses the data also to improve their cars. There are a lot more advantages of telematics and for those interested there is an interesting report about it here.

Sensors in Planes:

Also from Smart Data Collective:

Sensors embedded in GE’s power turbines, jet engines and hospital scanners will collect the data – it’s estimated that one typical gas turbine will generate 500Gb of data every day. And if that data can be used to improve efficiency by just 1% across five of their key sectors that they sell to, those sectors stand to make combined savings of $300 billion.

In aviation, GE is aiming to improve fuel economy, maintenance costs, reduction in delays and cancellations and optimise flight scheduling – while also improving safety.

Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways was the first to deploy GE’s Taleris Intelligent Operations technology, developed in partnership with Accenture.

Huge amounts of data are recorded from every aircraft and every aspect of ground operations, which is reported in real-time and targeted specifically to recovering from disruption, and returning to regular schedule.

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Data Analytics Predicts Human Behavior

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I was just reading an article on the use of data analytics to determine the sentences meted out to offenders in certain parts of the US. Criminal justice systems there use software models to predict the chances of the individual being a repeat offender and to subsequently suggest the severity of the sentence. Models can take into account background data of individuals such as criminal and employment history, age, gender, education, finances, family background, and residence (there are countless pros and cons to the method, but that’s an epic story in itself… ).

The above article brought to mind various ways in which data analytics could be used in connection with society:

  • Predict which children are likely to be scholastic achievers and put them in an advanced learning stream
  • Predict which high school seniors and college freshmen are likely to become successful entrepreneurs and offer them early funding
  • Predict which employees are likely to be effective managers and promote them early
  • Predict which air traffic controllers are likely to make stress-related mistakes and encourage them to take vacations at the right time

There are clearly countless other ways in which data-driven predictions can improve our quality of life. Do chime in with your suggestions using the comments box on this page!


Royalty Free Music for Animation

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We’re always needing to get hold of background music tracks for client videos at minimal cost. Our eyes really popped and went into orbit when we discovered that YouTube now offers the world a library of 150 royalty-free audio tracks at no cost. The greatest thing is, contrary to what one may expect, these tracks can be used for any videos, not necessarily ones you make for YouTube!!

A valuable included feature is that you can search the collection based on multiple pre-defined tags such as mood, duration and genre. To see screenshots with detailed instructions, go to this page on the official YouTube Partners and Creators website.

Free, high-quality music for anyone to use as they please. Now why won’t people love Google?

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3D Printing of Ice Cream Now Possible

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Now you can get ice cream made in the shape of a bull, a dodecahedron, the words “lick me”, a mobile phone… you get the idea.

For the 3D printing of ice cream, the requirements are a soft serve ice cream maker, a 3D printer, a small freezer, a nitrogen blaster to keep the ice cream solid and a poly anti-griddle (freezes food into a solid texture). The anti-griddle temperature of 30 deg F (-34.4 deg C) ensures results.                                    


A modified ice cream maker is housed inside a small freezer to extrude the ice cream from the ice cream maker onto the printing bed.The ice cream landing out of the extruder on the printing bed is sprayed with liquid nitrogen to maintain a constant freeze surface.

Your frozen treat is ready!

By the way, one of TMG’s many proven skills is the creation of the information 3D printers need to print their objects. Read about how we can create this information for you.


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