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Unusual Advantages From The Magnum Group

You get the advantages of dealing with a large company, such as:

No disruption of your project because people, hardware or software are unexpectedly unavailable. We maintain spare capacity in all of these to immediately substitute for unforeseen resource failures

Fewer questions: when a question surfaces during your project, we are more likely to find the answer internally because of the diversity of expertise inherent to a large group of professionals

Real-time availability: since we have a large number of employees, we run two shifts. Live help will always be available during your business day forenoon, and for locations in Europe, your entire business day

The same large skill base implies getting your diverse CAD drafting requirements from a single source. You will have fewer relationships to deal with and less paperwork

We have outstanding communication resources (hardware and software) to ensure perfect understanding of your requirements

We are good communicators: we have advanced English comprehension skills and a policy of replying to all customer messages within 30 minutes (typical) or 8 hours (worst case)

All the above are available to you at low rates

For technical information on our various resources, please click here.

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