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TMG (an acronym that evolved from an earlier name, The Magnum Group) has been gaining wisdom and experience since 1986, when it started off as a manufacturing company producing a renowned outlet strip with spike suppression, branded "Spikebuster."

We steadily moved up the electric-power-related manufacturing ladder, developing voltage correctors, UPSs and diesel generators (we even produced a 1,000 kVA machine). TMG made extensive use of CAD inhouse to produce engineering drawings for generator control panel designs, installation diagrams and electronic circuit board designs.

It was around this time (1998) that the Internet was made available for public use (and no longer only for defence and research establishments). TMG decided to offer its CAD design skills to the international marketplace and uploaded this website. Customers from several continents began to do business with us, many of them continuing to this day.

How TMG is Different

Our Guiding Principles

Inside Views

Left Production Room
Production Floor 1

Right Production Room
Production Floor 2

Key Officers of the Company

Lakshman (Lucky) Balaraman

R Kamalathasan

V P Rajagopal

V Karthikeyan

N Inayathullah Khan

B Kumar

M Ramesh

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