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TMG, which counts engineers amongst its employees, performs 3D modeling of components for design verification, manufacturing or use in technical literature. It has to date produced thousands of 3D models in a variety of industries. Many of TMG's models have been made available on the web for engineers and architects to download into their 3D project designs.

3D modeling can be used for checking correct fits with surrounding components in a complex mechanical or architectural system. This is performed by placing the 3D model of the component into a 3D model of the surrounding system, then checking for correct clearances and fit, also termed 'clashing."

TMG can perform 3D modeling using a variety of CAD platforms including BIM platforms.

TMG can also render raw 3D models photorealistically and the resulting images inserted into product catalogs. This saves the time and expense of actually manufacturing the component, which not be economically feasible for one piece (since dies would have to be produced for molding plastic, sheet metal or sintered parts).

TMG has in addition created several complex 3D models which customers wanted for 3D printing. These models, apart from being intricate in their own right, have to be delivered in a specific file format such as STL, WRL or AMF. (to see samples of models we have made for 3D printing, please go to our page on 3D models for 3D printers.

Please also be aware that in addition to creating models for 3D printing, we also 3D print such models here in India at internationally competitive rates. Message us here to start a discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.

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