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3D Furniture Visualization

3D furniture visualization is the furniture industry's magic bullet. It enables sellers to present buyers with several possible options leading to a buyer's selection and purchase. It is faster and orders of magnitude less expensive than stocking vast arrays of conceivable product configurations.


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TMG has created thousands of 3D furniture visualizations. In these visualizations, TMG has set the furniture in relevant scenes to convey optimal realism in order to maximize the impact of the image in the mind of the viewer.

TMG's experience covers office furniture, hospital furniture and residential furniture. Examples are chairs, beds, tables, organizers, sofas and credenzas.

Uses of 3D Furniture Visualization

In Marketing

Show clients a preview of various furniture configuration possibilities, modifying the design according to their suggestions over repeated iterations until it meets their approval.

Typical suggestions from the client are for varying wood finishes, upholstery, furniture style and viewing angle of the furniture ensemble.

The law of commitment will make them very likely to buy at the end of the exercise.

In Catalogs

Furniture catalogs often have to be composed and printed on tight schedules. 3D furniture visualizations provide a means for making quick changes to images, since arranging and photographing a physical ensemble can often entail unacceptable ldelays.

In Design

New furniture designs are often jointly developed by the marketing and engineering divisions of manufacturers, after which management approval is required to set up a production line. 3D furniture visualizations provide an economical way of presenting compelling concepts to management.

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